Palm trees are known for their beauty and grace, bringing impactful curb appeal to your home or business. Savvy landscaping can enhance and elevate your home or business, presenting it in its finest light while contributing to a healthier environment through gorgeous greenery, colorful plants, glorious trees and of course, well chosen palm trees. The bold, symmetrical foliage, uniformity, varied textures and sizes, and diverse growth habits make them uniquely compelling garden subjects.

Palm trees can provide the ideal frame for your house, added alongside gorgeous stonework in your yard or courtyard, and create a timeless, defining look for your home or business landscape. Palm trees are an exceptionally attractive feature while also providing shade and can be used as natural privacy screensand are ideal companions to modernist and classical architecture.


The Mediterranean Fan Palm is the hardiest of all palms and one of the best landscape palms for night lighting! A must-have for anyone with a tropical or Mediterranean-themed yard. It is an evergreen tree so it has beautiful year-round color. Palms can be great for tight spaces around your pond or pool. For example, the Mediterranean Fan The Mediterranean Fan Palm is compact in size and has the ability to thrive in the hot summer months and survive the cool winters. They can be used as a stand-alone focal point around pools as the Mediterranean Fan Palm sprouts multiple trunks and is slow growing. They require minimal pruning and can be drought tolerant.


The Canary island date palm is a beautiful and gigantic evergreen palm tree with a sturdy trunk. This impressive tree is large so it’s best suited for more formal and spacious landscapes. Can be used as a street tree or as a free-standing specimen in large lawn spaces and large commercial building landscapes, anchor for a large bed, single yard specimen, flanking a large formal gate and/or driveway entrance.

At the top it is a rich and luscious green, oval crown of up to 100 feather-shaped fronds. Each of the leaves is around 15 feet long, divided into many leaflets. The thick trunk is gray-brown and adorned with diamond-like former leaf bases. Flowers are produced in abundance on these, while female palms produce beautiful dates during the warm months of the year. Canary Island Date Palm is easy to grow and is drought tolerant, perfect for coastal areas.


This palm makes a great accent which fits well into small areas like courtyards, entries, and patio settings. The windmill palm is well-suited for the Gulf Coast due to its high salt tolerance. This is one palm that can handle freezes and even snow…and actually does better and lives longer in cooler regions. As a particularly shade-tolerant tree, the windmill palm is a striking, low-maintenance addition to any garden. As a slow-growing palm, the Windmill Palm is well-suited as an accent piece framing your deck, pool or driveway. You can pot a Windmill Palm in a large container and grow it on a patio or front porch. These are wonderful entryway palms, especially pretty with uplighting at night.


Nothing beats the Sylvester Palm for classic upscale landscapes. This sturdy palm tree is easy to grow and makes a beautiful landscape specimen in many Gulf Coast yards. It is easily the most striking large specimen palm tree that is cold hardy enough to be grown without question in South Louisiana.

This classic palm lends an upscale, tropical appearance to the landscape with its elegant crown of fronds. The trunk has a striking diamond pattern that is created by the scars from leaves. The Sylvester Palm can provide the perfect backdrop for your shorter subtropical landscaping or vines such as bougainvilleas, jasmines and trumpet flowers. It is a stunning palm for open areas or planted in a row along property lines, walls or drives.


Mule Palm are often used to create an island-like feel in landscapes due to their resistance to heat, as well as their appearance. Mule Palms look fantastic no matter how you choose to use them in a landscape. We love to plant these in clusters or pairs, where mature trunks curve and form a graceful canopy enticing you to kick back and relax in your yard. Compact enough for small courtyard gardens or entryways, the mule palm possesses majestic proportions as it ages.

Mule Palms are the most cold-hardy feathery frond palm trees on the market. In the right conditions, this palm can grow up to an impressive height of 30-50 feet. A mature Mule Palm in your front garden can make a bold impression, acting as a focal point that can immensely add an appeal to the overall look of the landscape.


It really is hard to beat the silhouetted beauty and character of a crowded Sabal palm hammock in the middle of a foggy pasture during a southern sunrise or sunset. Used in the proper application, these trees still do bring out the true charm of the South. This palm is a survivor, too. It can live to be well over a hundred years old and is capable of surviving frost, freezes, extreme drought, fire, salt spray, floods and hurricanes.

The Sabal palm has a strong presence to be sure. Design your landscape around them. Use Sabal palms in formal groupings, as a lawn tree, in large-scale plantings, and as that special accent tree. The contrast of the lush green fronds and the sharp gray-white of the cross-hatch trunk is eye-catching and even breathtaking when it flowers its creamy white flowers in drooping clusters. The canopy can reach from 8’ to 25’ which can give you much-needed shade from our blazing sun.


This date palm with the desert appeal can withstand the chilliest Southern winters. Pindo palms will grow in full sun or partial shade and any type of soil as long as it is moderately salt tolerant and has good drainage. Landscape uses for pindo palms are frequently a central focal point for a circular drive, flanking the entrance to a stately drive, lining a walkway, or as a single yard specimen.

The Pindo Palm is an easy to care for, small to medium palm tree that is perfectly suited for use as a focal point, planted poolside, or kept in a container. Pindo Palms also work well as backyard palms, near pergolas or fire pits. Given their maximum height and width, yet they are big enough to make a visual statement.

A beautiful landscape combines different elements that not only creates a nice space for you and your family to enjoy, but also maximizes the use of your entire property. Plus, it will boost your curb appeal. To figure out the most convenient way to pay for your next garden upgrade, begin with a budget.

Though their symmetry and size make palms perfect elements in large estate gardens, many can also bring a touch of the tropics to smaller landscapes.

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