Below are some frequently asked questions about our palm trees and our palm tree services.


Can I come to your location and pick them out?

Yes, of course! We welcome you to stop on by!

It gets cold down here in the winter. Is there anything special that I should do for my new palm tree?

No, they should withstand the cold pretty well. Like other trees, do be careful with watering them in the freezing cold.

How long does it take to get my palm trees delivered?

Anywhere between 3-5 days

How do I know which palm tree is right for my space?

Please call us at 504-952-4416 to discuss your needs with our amazing team and we will take it from there!

Do you Deliver and install?

Yes, we do deliver and install.

Are all trees in stock or do they need to be specially ordered?

We carry a variety of palm trees in our inventory but can also order whatever your needs require.

How do I care for my palm tree(s)?

When you welcome your new palm tree, start off by watering it once a day, 10-15 mins everyday, for a week. Afterwards, start watering 3-4 times a week for 10 mins a day. Palms can withstand above average rainfall and water. Please see our Products page (insert link) for specifics on each type of tree.

How big do palm trees get?

Depending on the type of palm tree, anywhere between 10-40ft

I heard that palm trees are poisonous to pets. Is that true?

The sago palm tree, and it’s seeds are poisonous to all pets. Typically we don’t carry sago palms, but can order them upon request.

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