We’re your premier palm tree retailer and palm service specializing in several different types of palm trees.


We currently offer 9 different types of palm trees and can deliver and install at any location within 200 miles.

sylvestris palm tree

Sylvestris Palm Tree

mule palm

Mule Palm Tree

sabal palm tree

Sabal Palm Tree

pindo palm tree

Pindo Palm Tree

canary palm tree

Canary Palm Tree

windmill palm tree

Mediterranean Palm

windmill palm tree

Windmill Palm Tree

queen palm tree

Queen Palm Tree


Welcome – We are happy that you stopped by! Superior Palms is the brainchild of Teddy Bartholomew, a Louisiana native who has been working with residents of the greater New Orleans Metro Area, Northshore and Gulf Coast Region since 2005. Teddy’s goal is to make yards, homes, and commercial spaces live up to their ultimate potential and to add that much sought-after curb appeal through Superior Land Development, LLC. Teddy is THE expert that locals have turned to for years for all things landscaping, yard work, dirt excavation and more! Check out our Testimonials – they speak for themselves!

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Increase your curb appeal with Superior Palms

Testimonials From Palm Tree Customers

Gabriella Janssen
Gabriella Janssen
Amazing service and the most beautiful palms I've ever seen!
Terry Isidore
Terry Isidore
My experience with Superior Palms matched its name and that is “Superior” the customer service and professionalism of the staff was nothing but Superb! They made sure all inspections were completed before digging for our safety and for their safety! Great Quality service! I’ll recommend them to all my family, friends and neighbors.

Our Palm Tree Gallery

palm trees slidell la
palm trees slidell la
palm trees slidell la

 Frequently Asked Palm Tree Questions

You Ask, We Answer

How to pick a palm tree? 

The most vital points while choosing a palm tree are type, cold hardiness, height, and reason. To start with, think where in the yard ( or patio ) you need to plant it and what might you use it for. ( shade, privacy, decoration ) From there you can start to narrow down your choices and decide what type of palm tree you want or need.

Can I come to your location and pick them out?

Yes, of course! We welcome you to stop on by!

How long does it take to get my palm trees delivered?

Anywhere between 3-5 days

Do you Deliver and install?

Yes, we do deliver and install.


How do I know which palm tree is right for my space?

Please call us at 504-952-4416 to discuss your needs with our amazing team and we will take it from there!

How do I water my palm tree the correct way? 

Almost all palm trees want moist, well-draining soil. In summer, water 3 to 4 times a week at the base of the palm. Do not wet the fronds if possible. Doing so can cause leaf burn from the sun being magnified by the water droplets.

Are all trees in stock or do they need to be specially ordered?

We carry a variety of palm trees in our inventory but can also order whatever your needs require.

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